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NH HOTEL is one of the leading european hotel brands. They were using an ATS that made the application process for applicants unnecessarily complicated. With onapply they could decrease their loss of applicants by 80%. Applicants only need to complete one step to apply.
NH HOTEL, 10.000 employees
“We put up a professional careersite in just 2 minutes. Our applicants enjoy a smooth experience with automatic email feedback. The applications are coming in and our investors are happy!"
David Schaerf, CEO
Onelife.me - 10 employees
boxcryptor is a startup with 23 employees. Recruiting was a painful task that took the CEO hours. Through onapply they were able to safe time and money on job ads and pre-assesment. This leaves boxcryptor with more time to really get to know the applicant in person.
Boxcryptor - 23 employees
“I am not an HR manager but I could use the system from the first minute on. The easy to use recruiting process made my life so much easier, now I can concentrate on my marketing job.”
Carolin Rambert, Head of Marketing
AMCO Metall - 220 employees
We were always looking for a simple solution to improve our hiring process. The existing options were too expensive and too complicated.
ECKD - 50 Employees
Before, Suitepad was using spreadsheets and their inbox to recruit. This is the case for many of our customers. onapply gives them an easy to handle solution and a powerful tool for their HR department.
Suitepad - 30 employees


*89% of all applicants (who used onapply) prefer it to any other form of application.