Our company

Who is onapply? Who’s behind it?

We work on the latest recruiting methods in the beautiful setting and homely atmosphere of two fantastic loft offices in Frankfurt am Main and San Francisco.


Our mission

Make Recruiters and applicants happy.

Our staff are the heart of our business

As work takes up a large part of our lives, a workplace that makes us unhappy is not a good idea. 

Our aim is to put people into the right jobs, so we take great care when choosing our own staff. We cook and eat lunch together every day. We want every one of our employees to look forward to coming to the office and enjoy his or her time there.

We are Frankfurters (pun intended)!

We love our home town! Since we take corporate responsibility for society seriously, too, we support organisations such as the youth work of local sports club TuRa Niederhöchstadt, small art exhibitions and Frankfurt Zoo. If you have a project you’d like us to support, please let us know by writing to info@onapply.de.

Our company premises are in what was once a shoemaking machine factory on the old industrial estate in Rödelheim. These pleasant, loft-like surroundings are ideal for working out the right recruiting strategy for our customers and busily developing new software.

To give you an idea of where and how we work, here are a few of the latest pictures from our Instagram Account:

nach oben

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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